- Big code cleanup, much more remains to be done...

- Error messaging code rewritten. Added more detailed warning and error messages.

- 'Quiet' option no longer suppresses error output.

- Now includes in the output unchanged filenames that may have not been displayed previously when using wildcards.

- Improved a lot the handling of icon filenames with the 'Icons' option.

- Improved comment modification. Now the entire comment is modified if it contains illegal filename characters. If the comment is copied to the filename only the valid filename part is copied.

- Improved the validity checks of numeric parameters given with some options.

- Asterisk (*) is no longer handled as #? automatically, it is now up to the user to enable this OS option. There are several utilities on Aminet that do this.

- Colon (:) can now be used optionally to separate rename operations for improved readability.
For example:
old syntax: lower left 1 upper
new syntax: lower : left 1 upper

- Added 'Nowarn' option to suppress warning message output.

- Option 'NoAutoRen' was renamed to 'NoAutoConflict' to better indicate disabling of automatic handling of filename conflicts.

- Removed 'Filename' because it only allowed a single filename to be supplied and was not practical for use with a file manager.
Added the 'NoPat' option in it's place to disable pattern matching when needed, like when SRename is used with a file manager.

- Removed the 'AS' alias for the 'TO' action and 'From' as an optional keyword given before filenames.
They were present just for OS rename command compatibility but SRename no longer aims to be an OS rename command replacement.

- Removed 'SamePath' option from 'TO' action and made it the default behaviour. Added in it's place the "ToCD' option to use the current dir as the destination.

- Removed 'Forcepath' general option as it isn't really needed. Just add '/' at the end of the path for the same functionality.

- Moving to current dir with TO "" is no longer supported.

- Changes to usage text output.

Several bugfixes including :

- Numbering filenames without using wildcards was broken since version 3.7.1.

- First filename's path in the command line could be used as destination path for other filenames after it under certain conditions.

- 'Step' and 'Stats' used the same 'st' abbreviation. Now the abbreviation for 'Stats' is 'sta'.

- Some directory names were displayed twice when recursion was used and filenames were modified together with comments.

Button bank changes :

- Directory Opus button bank redesigned. It now uses pop-up menus and takes up less screen space.
More than 100 rename operations are now provided and also a help button that describes basic usage.

- An ARexx script is now used to read if the source lister is in icon mode or not. If so it activates the 'Icons' option in SRename and makes the renaming of icons transparent.
This has allowed the removal of specialized icon rename operations from the button bank.

- The ARexx script also invokes some requesters when certain rename operations require additional user input.