SRename is a versatile renaming tool for AmigaOS. It accepts a number of commands that are mainly split between selectors and actions. The selectors select the parts of the filename to be modified and the actions modify them in a specified way.
So it's possible to build many specialized rename operations by combining selectors and actions. Multiple rename operations can be executed for each filename.

SRename is a CLI application and is used from the Shell but can also easily be used from file managers like Directory Opus for example.
A button bank for Directory Opus 5 is included that provides many rename operations, and is also an example for how to use SRename in file managers.

SRename isn't an OS rename command replacement. It's probably better to use the OS Rename command for basic renaming as it's so light compared to SRename.

To summarize SRename's features:

- Upper case, lower case, toggle case, insert, append, delete and replace rename actions.

- Several available selectors can select any part of the filename for modification. These include selectors for the prefix, main, and suffix components, single or multiple words, characters from the left, middle, or right, matched characters, character codes or strings, and finally a selector for the filename's comment.

- More complex operations like sentence case, removal, replacement or swapping of selected characters or strings, trimming the length, conversion to hex ascii, and more can be built with the combination of actions and selectors.

- Multiple rename operations can be executed to the same or different parts of the filename.

- Grouping of rename operations allows multiple rename operations to target the same part of the filename to perform operations like the swapping of selected characters.

- Support for long filenames up to OS limit (107 characters) depending on the filesystem used.

- Recursion with control over recursion depth level, level to start processing and separate pattern for matching directories to enter and process.

- Display of statistics like time taken and number of renamed filenames.

- Numbering and renumbering of filename sequences with control over basename, step value, number position and number places.

- Can invert a numbered filename sequence (first filename becomes last and vice versa).

- Specialized swap, left shift and right shift operations of filename components, as well as conversion to MS-DOS format.

- Modified filename can be redirected to the comment and the reverse is also possible.

- Compatible with any Amiga running OS3 or later and also compatible with OS4 as it runs transparently as a 68K executable.

Dedicated to my father Emmanuel Nicolakakis.