- Recursion is cancelled if a destination path is given.

- Maximum supported path length is 1024 characters.

Limitations of the MATCH selector:

- Only one pattern per match is allowed.

- Only one set of the '[' and ']' selection designators can be given for each match.

- String mode, Single character mode and Character code mode can't be used together. Any given match must use only one of those modes at a time.

- Patterns and the '[', ']' and '|' indicators are only valid for string mode. They have no effect in single character mode or character code mode.

Limitations in Renumbering:

- Numbers in filenames from 0 to 999999999 can be handled.

- No wildcards can be used and when a destination path is supplied no clash checking takes place (it is assumed that the destination directory contains no filenames that can clash with the filenames that will be moved there).

- No filenames that contain wildcard characters can be used, because pattern matching is used to collect the filenames of the sequence.

- Any numbers that have a different format to that of the first number scanned will not be renumbered: if the first number is 001 and 02,03 follow, these will not be renumbered because SRename will expect to find 002 and 003.

- A filename clash can not be resolved if the clashing filename is outside the range of filenames to be renumbered ("New number already exists" error).